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Peaceful Paradise Bar Soap

Peaceful Paradise Bar Soap


Peaceful Paradise Bar Soap

Peaceful Paradise Our first Spa inspired bar of soap turned out to be our favorite! This luxurious bar of soap is scented with a bamboo mint infusion that is sure to please just about everyone! Breathe deeply and relax with this exotic bar!

About Our Soap:

All of our soap is made in small, hand-crafted batches.  Each bar is hand cut - there are variances.  

  • Big Bars - our big bars are between 4-5.5 oz each.  

New to Artisan Soap? 

There are a few major differences with Artisan soaps than the commercially made soaps you buy in the grocery store!

  • First, my soaps are made with high-quality, natural oils and butters!  This means that they are silky soft on your skin and it helps the soap to stay moisture rich! However, they will melt away if left in the water or direct shower spray so use a soap saver and keep them out of the water when not using them!  

  • Second, most of my soaps do not have phthalates, sulfates or parabens in them. This means you can lather up with a rich lather without worrying about added toxins to your soap.  It also means many people do not experience allergic reactions to our fragrances due to these missing items.  However, we always recommend testing for yourself as everyone is different!  

  • Lastly, cold-processed soap is not made with detergents.  It is good old-fashioned vegetarian soap!  I don't use any animal products in our vegetarian soap except Tussah silk,which adds to the softness and slip of the bar. 


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