Tropical Glycerin Bars

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Our Tropical Glycerin Bars are made with high-quality glycerin clear base and then we build on it from there.  Each bar has been hand-crafted to be unique.  Some have loofah slices, shredded loofah or even poppy seeds that act as exfoliates.  Browse our supply of glycerin bars - quantities and types change often so check it out today!

About the scents

Most of these are already scents that I carry - but the following are only in Glycerin bars:

  • Champagne Cocktail- This smells just like Champagne with ginger notes - bubbly goodness!

  • Ocean Breeze is a fresh, ocean scent with crisp ozone layers and a slightly floral finish.

  • Conch Kitchen is a Coconut, Lime & Verbena scent.

  • Grapefruit Glow - A bright, slightly floral grapefruit with a little zesty kick

  • Southernmost Spa Day - Citrus top notes, sweet mid-tones and an earthy finish make this complex scent wonderful!