About Me


Our family moved to Key West from Maine many years ago, but our skin just wasn't as ready as our minds were. Our young kids skin often got chapped after being in the sun and surf and even finding a soap that didn't irritate their sensitive skin was becoming a challenge. I (Mom) wasn't keen on using over-the-counter soaps or lotions all over my kids sensitive legs and arms because of the parabens, phthalates and other harsh chemicals that often are present in such products. So I started to research how to make a better soap and lotion for my family to use.  My first attempt created a lotion bar. It soothed my son's skin from the elements without harsh chemicals and toxic ingredients. Next, I made a body butter combining organic, raw butters that felt great after being in the sun all day. This body whip nurtured our sun, sand and wind lapped skin back to soft in a jiffy. The obvious next step was to make soap that didn’t dry our skin out. Soon, friends were asking for some of my lotion bars, body whips and soaps, and then friends of friends were asking for them. Eventually, I started selling my skin-loving soaps... and the rest was history.

My passions lie with creating amazing body products that are good for your skin and Mother Nature. Natural ingredients like Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil, Tussah Silk, and Olive Oil help keep your skin clean and fresh without the harsh chemicals that are in detergent bars or over the counter soap.

Try some of our hand crafted soaps today and enjoy our Skin Care for the Island Life!