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Changzhou Yuping Chemical Co., Ltd.
Add:158 Xuecheng Road, Xueyan Town,
Wujin City, Jiangsu, China (213169)
Tel:+86-519-86160288, 86158021,
86158322, 86160118, 86160228

Changzhou Yuping Chemical Co., Ltd. is a joint-stock enterprise founded in 1988, located by the national tourism resort-Wuxi Ma Hill at Taihu lake in the Yangtze Delta, covering an area of 50 sq km. Our company has the total assets of RMB 58,000,000 yuan and the annual sales volume of RMB 180,000,000 yuan with the sales volume of RMB 180, 000, 000 yuan
Our main products are alcohol amine series, petroleum refining adjuvant series, engineering plastic series etc., altogether 30-odd varieties. The N-methyl-diethanolamine developed by us in 1988 has filled the gap in the domestic industrial manufacture and passed a province-level appraisal in 1991. Our products have been widely applied to such trades as oil refinery, petrochemical manufacture, natural gas manufacture and chemical fertilizer manufacture. With powerful technical force, stable and reliable quality and high-quality after-sale service, we have won customers' trust over the years .

We have paid much attention on establishing factories on the basis of science and technology, and have recruited 30-odd employees with Bachelor degrees or Associate degrees and enable them to bring their special knowledge into full play on their posts. Moreover, we have established long-term cooperation with Qinghua University, Jiangsu Chemical College, and Nanjing Chemical College etc. for jointly developing high-tech products. In 1998 we were certified to ISO9002 of the international quality system and to the modified ISO9001:2000 in December 2001.

We have won the honor of Credit Class "AAA" and been appraised as "Contract Honoring & Credit Keeping" Enterprise, "Advanced & Civilized" Enterprise, "Standard Greening" Enterprise, "Measurement Trustable" Unit etc. for consecutive years. We have been consistently committed to the principle of "Quality First, Customers Crucial" , keeping pace with the market development and meeting the customers' demands. on the basis of high technology and high quality new products. We are sincerely looking forward to cooperating with famous enterprises at home and abroad for joint development. Our company as a vigorous enterprise with unity and harmony will continuously struggle forward along the tide of the market economy on our own efforts and innovation.

We will carry on the past and open a way for the future and progress with the times.

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